Aeropuerto de Castellón S.L. (Aerocas) is attached to the Generalitat Valenciana group of companies.

The regional government participates directly in 96,81% of the shares in Aerocas and indirectly in 3,18% of the shares owned by Sociedad Proyectos Temáticos de la Comunidad Valenciana (SPTCV). The remaining percentage is owned by Diputación Provincial de Castellón.

The Aerocas board of directors is chaired by the the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi España. The governing body is pluralist and connected to civil society. Its members include representatives of the Generalitat, Diputación de Castellón, the town councils of Vilanova d’Alcolea and Benlloch (municipal areas where the airport is located), the Castellón Chamber of Commerce, Universitat Jaume I and tour operators. The company’s general director is Blanca Marín.

The airport manager certificate can be downloaded here.