Sala 30

In conjunction with the Museu d’Art Contemporani Vicente Aguilera Cerni (Macvac) in Vilafamés, Castelló airport is hosting the ‘Sala 30’ project which involves making spaces for art in the passenger terminal. The initiative includes an art gallery on the first floor of the terminal with opening hours adapted to flight times and new exhibitions every six months. Macvac is responsible for the artistic direction, hence the name ‘Sala 30 (Room 30)’, because the museum in Vilafamés has 29 rooms and the exhibition spaces at the airport are envisaged as an extension.

Current exhibition

‘Ànima Animal’. Download the leaflet on the exhibition here*.

*Due to the pandemic situation, the exhibition takes place in the Macvac museum of Vilafamés.

Previous exhibitions

‘CV-13 En ruta’. Download the leaflet on the exhibition here.

‘Inquitant/e figura humana’. Puede descargarse aquí el díptico de la exposición.

‘Nunca los lejos estuvieron tan cerca’. Download the leaflet on the exhibition here.

‘Cal·ligrafies convergents’. Download the leaflet on the exhibition here.

"Totem", by Trashformaciones

The sculpture ‘Totem’ by ‘Trashformaciones’ has been installed outside the terminal.

"Al vuelo", by Fanny Galera

The sculpture ‘Al vuelo’ by Valencia artist Fanny Galera has been installed in the corridor of the main access to the passenger terminal.